Heart Shaped Disposable Leafware Plate


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Turning Fallen Leafs to Compostable Leaf Plates 

These eco-friendly disposable heart shaped leaf plates are your go to tableware for weddings, proposals and anniversary celebration. Made from discarded and fallen palm leafs, with no added chemicals, waxes, additives, dyes are the game changers in the future of disposable plates.

Designed to compost, turn over a new leaf with these palm leaf plates! 

Each purchase of leaf plate empowers women in villages with income and job creation. 5% of all purchase supports animals affected by plastic pollution. 

Heart Shaped Disposable Leafware Plate :

  • Available in 5.5inches
  • Biodegradable & Compostable 
  • Chemical Free
  • Handmade by Village Women 
  • Refrigerator safe 
  • Holds Hot & Cold food (Liquid & Wet food)

    Complete Your Eco Lifestyle