Eco Couple


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A couple that goes eco together, stays together!

If you’re looking to get your friend/partner to go plastic-free, no better way to start your eco adventure together with ecolovejoy Eco Couple Set.

Designed to suit the lifestyle needs of an earth and animal loving couple.

All our products create jobs and income for skilled artisans and their families.

Each Eco Couple set comes with:

2 sets of Bamboo Straws (Smoothie & Drinking Set of 4)

  • 22cm (7-10mm) Smoothie Straws x2
  • 22cm (6-7.5mm) Drinking Straws x2
  • Coconut Fibre Smoothie Straw Cleaning Brush x1
  • Coconut Fibre Drinking Straw Cleaning Brush x1
  • Organic Cotton Mesh Bag x1

2 Coconut Bowls

  • Each bowl has a diameter of 5-6inches (12-14cm)
  • Average depth of 2 inches (6cm)
  • Has a volume of 17 - 24 fl.oz (500-700ml)

2 sets of Wooden Cutlery

  • Ebony Spoon
  • Ebony Fork

2 Reusable Grocery Bags 

    • Hand Stitched
    • Organic Cotton
    • 6 Deep Pockets
    • Heavy Duty

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